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Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Part B)

by மேல் மார்ச் 6, 2013

Aniruddha Brahmarayar

On the Spectacular Stars

The labyrinth excited Zarathustra. It was night. But he could see it. It was brilliant. He could see stars all over. He wanted to catch them. He caught some. But some were evasive. They were in all colors – pink, red, green, blue and he could see a lot of even black stars in the night. It’s beautiful to walk in this night. Walking in the dark without being aware of the dangers was painful. Catching a star helped his sorrow to subside.

He saw a camel that changed into a lion into a child. He caught lot of stars above all. But the star he caught above the child was trying to be quite evasive. So he let the vulture have it. The vulture digested it slowly. But there were lots of stars above the child. So he left them alone as he had to travel.

He walked for a while. Sometime his serpent disappeared but his vulture kept flying away very often. That bothered Zarathustra a lot. His serpent was timid but not his vulture. When he caught stars he was happy that he didn’t care about his vulture.

Then he saw his two old teachers and a hermit. The hermit was returning back after exploring the entire wilderness to his cave. Though he didn’t laugh at Zarathustra, he gave no vocal advice. But he showed lot of signs. Zarathustra was able to read some of them but some of them were lost in the utter darkness.

He was not sure his teachers traveled this path. And the teachers were not there anymore. But he felt that the teachers were saying to him – “Behold Zarathustra! You are wasting your time”. But the teachers never talked and probably were never there.

He did not heed to his imagined voice of the teachers. He continued. Then he saw a few disciples in the darkness. They were fighting. The disciples were arguing. Zarathustra taught them about the path traveled by him. He told about them the camel, the lion and the child. They started arguing about them. Zarathustra continued amid the noise. He liked them arguing. It was good for his journey.

He looked at his pupils reflecting his journey and said, “Why did I undertake this journey? The inflicted pain, a pleasure but hurts because of it quality. Do you see?”

“The spectacular stars I catch are for you to play and shine it and keep it. You learn its qualities and create more stars. You need to be aware of the wilderness before your aspire for it.”

The pupils were very disturbed. With vulture fluttering around they were unable to focus on what Zarathustra was saying. Zarathustra was really concerned.

“So my pupils! Take it what comes in your way. Don’t mortify yourselves but mortify when you can. Mortify well enough, when you can mortify. Because, mortification, to attain the accepted wisdom of our father in this wilderness- is the only known way”

Thus spoke Zarathustra.

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