Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Part D)

Aniruddha Brahmarayar

Ecce Homo!

It became a bright morning. They were in a plain on the top of mountain. The pupils were very tired because of the long walk they undertook the night. But when they looked at Zarathustra, they were stunned.

“Ecce Homo!”

He was naked and dancing.

Zarathustra’s zeal was overflowing.

“Behold! The fantasy around you! The rainbow that is encompassed by its spectrum! Can you separate the colors of it? The blossoming flowers and the water dripping from them! Feel its ice. Sprinkle it over you! Drink it.

“Behold! The Violets. The yellows. The magnificence of the trees. The blues in the horizon! Mountains and valleys. The order of nature is the nature of the order of this plateau. Can you feel the zephyr in this valley? The one that deposits the jasmine and roses for your olfactory’s pleasure.

“Behold! The whites on top of the blues! The melting whites! Yes, the melting whites into sparkles! The sparkle sparkles.”

Then they reached a river.

“Behold! The river running near you! Icy glassy water sparkles. What do you see? The purity that sparkles! The eternity of our quest needs the “sparkles”.

“Behold! You know some say “Stop not till the goal is reached” I say stop not even if the goal is reached. That what the “sparkles” do.

“Behold! The glittering butterflies and the “unfathom-ables” that fly! The yellow round light that is hanging in the sky! A circle of yellow between the two summits of the big blues! Who is dropping it between those! The nature’s order in a perfect lattice! Yes. The perfection and the perfection of nature!”

In great excitement, thus spoke Zarathustra.