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மெட்ராஸ் நல்ல மெட்ராஸ்

by மேல் ஜூலை 4, 2013

sethuramanமறைந்த சேதுராமனை பார்க்க முடியாமலே போனது எங்கள் துரதிருஷ்டம். அவருடைய பழைய ஈமெயில் ஒன்று கிடைத்தது. இது புத்தகங்களுக்கான தளம்தான் என்றாலும் இன்று ஒரு விதிவிலக்கு. ஓவர் டு சேதுராமன்!


This photo appeared in the Hindu Metroplus this morning and took me down the memory lane!

For those of you who can not recognize this area, it is the part of the Mount Road where General Patters Road joins it, easier landmark is the Wellington Talkies. The towers of the Bharat Buildings appear in the right top.

Though I was a regular in this area then, as TWA was located in 26 Mount Road, I could not reconcile that this area was so quiet, not many cars in the street, and the roundabout at the junction. On the left side one could could see the red brick building (now housing Poompuhar) and also a part of the Higginbothams.
Madras’s skyscraper was not built yet and you could see the tiled buildings, one housing the Railway booking office and other offices adjacent.

Dargah is partly visible on the left, the minarets you see today were added later in the seventies. You could see the Road that leads you to the Cooum bridge linking Pudupet and Mount Road. You can also see the Bosotto Buildings,Mount Road Post Office, and the vacant lot, now housing the Dhun Buildings, Telephone offices and Mathura restaurant.

First I thought this must be a very old picture of Mount Road, but a closer look at the left corner revealed the title of the film running at the Wellington Talkies — it is Irumbuth Thirai, starring Sivaji, Vyjayanthimala, Saroja, S.V.Ranga Rao – and this Tamil picture of S.S. Vasan was released on the Pongal Day of 1960…

Hindu is doing something really good by having people write about the old Madras, and supplementing the article with some vintage pictures..



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