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க்ரியாவின் கவிதைகள்

by மேல் திசெம்பர் 3, 2016

என் இளைய மகள் க்ரியாவின் கவிதைகள்


A pile of unfinished books on the floor,
Just a few words can mean so much more.
Each character enjoys such adventuring.
What wonderful delight these stories bring!


The art of moving a pen around,
Being able to create something great.
These simple creations can astound.
Drawing takes long, but it is worth the wait.


The push and paddling in the pool,
Tiring moves that help me swim well.
Listening to what my swimming teacher tells,
And learning many strokes in swim school.


Running faster that I’ve ever ran,
Speeding up as fast as I can.
The wind in my face, I feel blowing.
This wonderful sensation feels refreshing.

தொகுக்கப்பட்ட பக்கம்: க்ரியா பக்கம்


From → Kriya, Writings

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